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Touren in und um Salalah werden natürlich auch von den Reiseveranstaltern in jedem größeren Hotel angeboten. Leider sind die Preise ganz schön hoch. Bei uns kostete allein der Stadtausflug nach Salalah schon 30 OMR pro Person (~60 Euro), Tagestouren gab es ab 45 OMR (~90 Euro) aufwärts.

Vor meiner Reise hatte ich erfolglos versucht, einheimische Touranbieter im Internet zu recherchieren, deren Touren preisgünstiger waren. Entweder fand ich Webeseiten ohne Preisangaben, wo man die Preise individuell erfragen musste oder Anbieter, die noch viel viel teurer waren. Für kleinere Touren in die Umgebung und Stadtouren kann man sich natürlich auch ein Taxi nehmen. Für längere Touren, inbesondere wenn’s auch off road gehen soll, ist es in einem Jeep bequemer. Zum Glück konnte ich vor Ort, ein kleines neues touristisches Unternehmen ausfindig machen, welches bezahlbare Touren anbot. Man findet sie auf Facebook unter:

Momentan bieten sie folgende Touren / Ausflüge mit englischspracher Reiseleitung an:

At 10am we will start the enchanting ‘Mysteries of History’ tour, through ancient ruins, traditional coastal villages, majestic mountains and valleys all along the long and untouched eastern coastline.
Beginning with Wadi Darbat and its natural lake deep in the Dhofar mountains – a short 40 minute hike is available for the more adventurous visitors, where you may see camels and other Arabian animals in their natural habitats. The ancient city of Samharam was the summer home of the mysterious Queen of Sheba, and the local area is surrounded by legends and folklore about witchcraft.
Mirbat translates as the ‘place where the horses are traded’ and was the most important port on the Arabian peninsula, in previous centuries. The old traditions are still celebrated here and the old town is a wonderful place to examine carved wooden doors and experience the old Arabia. The village port is a place to sample local delicacies and relax as you watch the Omani dhows bringing in their catch of the day.
Finally, try some monkey bread from the amazing baobab forest (the only known example outside of mainland Africa) and speculate as to how cars can roll uphill at gravity hill.

PRICE PER CAR: OMR60 – Max 4 including children*


After breakfast we will begin the ‘Secrets of Salalah Spiritual tour’ around the ‘shining city’. Starting with Sultan Qaboos Mosque where we will spend the morning in silent reflection, as we admire the amazing textile achievements in this splendid example of architecture. We will then visit the tomb of Nabi Umran on the way to Ayn Sahalnoot, in order to experience the freshwater springs and hear the old legends surrounding this area of immense natural beauty.
The tour continues to the Land of Frankincense museum and Al Baleed Archeological site where you can explore the full history of Oman and local maritime histories. This will be followed by a leisurely stroll through Haffa palace gardens and souk area where you can try delicious Yemeni style food or stock up on local handicrafts and, of course, frankincense.

PRICE PER CAR – OMR60 – Max 4 including children**

After breakfast we will embark on an off-road adventure that will enthrall those who love natural wonders, the sound of silence, isolated beaches and life on the edge – literally!
Our first stop is at Mughsayl blowholes where water pressure builds up in sea caves and is released up to 15 meters into the air, depending on tides and swells. We continue by winding our way through the impressively engineered switchbacks, up and down through wadis and on to Shaat sinkhole where eagles soar in search of prey. Close by is the 1000m above sea level sheer cliff face, where on the right day you can experience a ‘sea of clouds’ just below your feet.
Our return journey takes us to an eerie wasteland and secluded beach at Fazayah, where you will take some time to enjoy the pristine water or explore the rock formations as we prepare a barbecue for lunch. These empty beaches are the perfect antidote for those used to crowded city areas. This is one of Salalah’s best kept secrets and rarely mentioned on tourist information.

PRICE PER 4X4 – OMR80 – Max 4 including children

*A mini-bus is also available for larger groups. Customised tours can also be arranged.

**All tours include snacks and refreshments plus all entrance fees.

Die Touren sind wirklich empfehlenswert. Die beiden Reiseleiter Fatin und Talal waren super symphatisch und aufgeschlossen. Sie verfügen über ein großes Wissen zur Region Dhofar und sprechen perfekt Englisch.

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